Our Mission At The Wedding Place in Las Vegas our mission is to offer wedding packages that fits any budget and suits any style. From the flowers and frills to the simple and sweet, we are here to make YOUR day special and unique.

Welcome to The Wedding Place, A Chapel in Las Vegas!

You deserve a day that is distinctively yours and we hope to help create this moment for you. Whether you choose to have an intimate gathering with a few close loved ones or you wish to invite all that you know, we are here to accommodate you. At The Wedding Place, we thrive on bringing warmth, laughter and a friendly atmosphere so that we can make your wedding day your dream come true. Regardless of your budget, each wedding is cared for with the same attention and dedication because we understand that this day only comes once in a lifetime!  The Wedding Place wants to create a hassle-free, fun, convenient, affordable yet elegant place where you can marry the love of your life so call us today and allow us to be a part of this beautiful moment in your life!